Grebe Lake, Calvert

If you ever see me mention Calvert in any of my posts this is where I am talking about. It’s my local dive and is certainly more of a matter of convince than anything else. It’s an old flooded clay quarry which is very silty and the visibility turns off very easily. This does however make it a useful training ground, after all if you can complete your skills well in very poor visibility when you may need to employ them in crystal clear waters it becomes much easier. My diving club are lucky that we have a nice little arrangement with the sailing club who are the owners of the lake. We can dive for free if we rescue some of the items they lose over board.

Any how, there isn’t much to see underwater, the old offices which we refer to as the hous s are around 17m and offer something different from the continual silty wall and bottom. There is also a tunnel around 14m which feeds through under the road to the wildlife lake (or so I am told), a car (which little resembles one) and a variety of old household appliances which were dumped long ago, our training platform(s) and the lost bits of sailing equipment lost to the clay. There is a healthy population of crayfish in the lake and in summer, though the algae makes them difficult to spot there can be quite a few fish.

It’s a dive site we use for training and when we are going a bit land crazy and want to take a quick dip. I am very grateful for it, once you dive Calvert regularly EVERYWHERE else is good visibility.



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