UK Club Diving

I found myself wanting to write a quick piece about UK club diving and the roles and responsibilities that club members have. I’m on the committee for my dive club. This came about as I found the club website lacking and knew that those on the committee already had their hands full. Running a scuba diving club with 2/3 people doing the work is practically a full time job in and of itself, who was I to demand they sort the website out in addition to their other tasks without offering a hand? I see time and again people demanding from clubs to do trips and to provide equipment or training without offering any help to make it happen. Every one can chip in. A newly qualified diver can organise accomodation for a dive trip and be helpful in taking kit and organisig the meal for an overnight stop. A trainee can help with transport to a training site and helping to find a date that members can do. All these tasks are required to make a dive club run smoothly and with a little help from everything so much more can be achieved.

I want to make the point that if you want something done you can help to get it done. We have a lot of kit as a club and we are lucky to do so. Our members want to be able to use this kit, so in return they need to help us keep the kit in service by returning it so it can be checked and sent off, they need to help us run audits to help us retain the kit and not let it go missing, so that they can use it when they require it in the future.


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